We are sure that Poggio di Luna represents the possibility for each visitor to spend a really unique vacation, hard to forget.

It’s worth to spend own vacation in this oasis of relax and wellness, surrounded by a wonderful wild nature, close by the beautiful sea and we have three good reason to say it:

We are surrounded of a green heart of century-old olive trees, close by the most beautiful Gargano’s beaches

Poggio di Luna is surrounded by a wonderful vegetation that projects it in a uncontaminated scenery, almost fairy, close by a beautiful beach. Here you get the real beauty of the nature that amazes . The ideal place to isolate yourself and enjoy own time to rest.

Come and taste the authenticity and the quality of an amazing food

The food is the most important part of our guests’ experience: we don’t offer only our dishes, we want to educate the guests to get the beauty of the gastronomy of our Land, to take the guests by the hand to discover the taste, the smell, the sensations and the ancient tradition that we jealously appreciate and try to transmit. All in an authentic and natural way.

Let you wrap with the magical atmosphere of the starry nights at Poggio di Luna

Have you ever heard the nature, in the darkest night, light up only by the moonlight? The night seems magic, gives unique and romantic sensations.

Here the night shines of a natural light, between the sparkle of the brightest stars and the song of the crickets. A good way to feel alive, a pleasure to share with who you love.